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Providing safe and reliable transportation for kids and young adutlts of all ages.  NOW, serving the Rochester and surrounding arears.


From medical to therapy or park and rec.  We got it covered.  We're a small business with a big heart. Time slots are filling up fast, so call today.  We are that "peace" of mind you're looking for in transportation for your child.

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If you are a parent of an autistic child and are struggling with the options presented to you from therapy or even transportation for your child., know you’re not alone. There are 3 good centers here in Rochester.  Now you’re thinking transportation for you child with autism. That’s where Peace to your Puzzle comes in.  We are a family owned and operated transportation company. That just specialize in children with special needs. We all have extra training with children in this field.

It is just me and family members driving your children to and from every day. I do not hire anyone I don't know to drive your children. 

  We take the time to meet you and your child.  Your child will know who will be picking them up and dropping them off every day. We take the time to understand their needs and YOUR needs. Therefore, Peace plays a role in the name, we are the peace to the parent's heart when releasing your child to a total stranger, because we will not be strangers for long.

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My name is Jean and I have a teenage son who is autistic and has been riding with Sue Bauman for about five years. She has been his primary driver from Rochester to the Minnesota Autism Center School in Eagan. Sue and her drivers are punctual, professional and safety conscious. But the thing that has impressed me the most is how much she cares about the children she transports and the responsibility she takes for them.  As the parent of a vulnerable teenager, the peace of mind I have knowing that my son is with Sue and the other Peace to Your Puzzle drivers is priceless. I do not trust people with him lightly but I trust Sue and her judgement. I  am thankful for them everyday and highly recommend Sue and her staff.

Jean Trangsrud


My name is Jenn I have a 5 year old  daughter with autism. We've only been riding with Peace To The Puzzle for a couple months. It is very hard to trust anybody with your nonverbal child but when I came across to Peace to The Puzzle they totally changed my mind.. the driver actually approached me and told me that he noticed I went to both same locations that he was dropping off at and offered his services for Peace To The Puzzle . I instantly reached out to Sue because how wonderful Jeremy was to us before they even started to transport my daughter.. That right there shows the kind of people that they are. She has picked up every day by Jeremy. When my daughter sees Jeremy she gets so excited. She gets that little sparkle in her eyes; her hands start to flap and she goes up on those tippy toes. She jumps right up in that van with Jeremy and is ready to go like a big girl. And when this mama sees that it takes that big weight off my chest to know that my daughter is going with not only our transportation company, but a family.  Family that care about her for her and don't judge her. They except her and would do anything for her.. It's also a big piece of mind to know that Aubree’s will be transported safely, and nothing will happen to her..I leave my heart with Peace to The Puzzle!!

Jennifer Steffen


Our family has been using Peace to Your Puzzle for the last couple years and we could not be happier! We have a 7 year old son on the spectrum who loves car rides. When we initially found ourselves needing to find a transportation company to drive our son each day, we weren't sure where to turn. We originally went with one of the large transportation companies in our area. I found myself concerned for his safety and praying he would be okay. That is never a position a parent should be put in. We immediately knew we needed to find a different option. We stumbled upon Peace to Your Puzzle and have never looked back! The owner and drivers have been fantastic to work with. They are kind, dependable, and always on time. We trust them completely and know they truly care about our son!

Emily Knutson


Peace to Your Puzzle and all of their employees have become a pivotal part of our son's life. There really are no words strong enough to articulate how impactful they have been for our family. They go above and beyond providing safe rides for our child. My son loves his driver and the whole team has become like family for us. Having a child with needs outside of what's required by most can be challenging. Having people in your corner like those at Peace to Your Puzzle takes one of those challenges off of your plate. I would not hesitate to recommend Peace to Your Puzzle to anyone looking for a ride service for their amazing child or loved one.

Chris Cecilia Kieran and Thea

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